Our Vision, Values and Aims


Our Vision, Values and Aims


We aspire to create a safe and nurturing environment where every person can be the best they can be.  We will develop a positive ‘I can do it’ attitude through sharing values and beliefs and encourage everyone to be motivated, confident individuals keen to learn and share their knowledge with others.  We will encourage everyone to be respectful of themselves and others.  We will work in partnership with pupils, parents, staff and the community to promote and look after our community, our country, and our world.


Our values are to instil honesty, consideration, respect and politeness into the whole school community.


Our aims are:

  • To create a school that is fun and stimulating, challenging, creative and flexible, where everyone can learn to the best of their ability.
  • To create a safe, welcoming learning environment that encourages active and outdoor learning.
  • To appreciate and look after the environment.
  • To create a healthy school fostering a sense of well being by making informed choices about what to eat and do.
  • To foster an ethos of achievement, which values each individual’s efforts and celebrates their successes.
  • To encourage everyone to respect themselves and others.
  • To encourage everyone to adopt a positive ‘I can do it’ attitude.
  • To provide pupils with the skills for life long learning.